Past Lives Studio

Curation Practice
Past Lives is a Brooklyn-based studio offering interior design services and restored 20th century furniture and home decor. We collect, restore, and sell furniture and decor made by celebrated makers from around the world. In sourcing for our shop's inventory, we seek the unordinary, and refinish it with the finest attention to craft material. Through the use of custom finishes and bold upholstery, we add our own pizzazz to timeless and historic designs, resulting in one of a kind pieces. Good furniture is an investment, and we believe that investment should last.

Interior Design Practice
When working with clients in our interior design practice, we mix different time periods and styles resulting in layered, soulful spaces. We value creating spaces that reflect the individuality of our clients not just in how they look and feel, but also in how the spaces function. 

Our commitment to high-end product, quality aesthetic and sustainable process is our identity. Through carefully restoring pieces from the past, recycling packing materials and using biodegradable branded collateral, we are doing our part to minimize our footprint on our Mother Earth.