Rent Our Inventory

Rental Process
We're excited to make our inventory available for rent. If you need furniture or decor to stage a photo or video project, feel free to contact us and request availability. For single day rentals, we offer a daily rate of 25% of the sale price, for multi-day rentals we offer a rate of 35% of the sale price. We require all renting clients to sign a liability waiver and a credit card authorization form. To inquire about availability and pricing, contact us at and please provide the below information:  

  • A website link or photo from our Instagram of the inventory you are interested in
  • The intended use of the inventory
  • The number of days you will need the inventory for, specifying the pick up and drop off dates
  • Confirm you will be prepared to sign the liability waiver and the credit card authorization form
  • Confirm that you are aware of your responsibility to safely wrap and transport the inventory to and from your shoot